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Vehicle Crash Attorneys

A motor vehicle accident can result in injuries that devastate your family, your ability to earn and cause a lifetime of physical disability and limitations. The Blaut Weiss Law Group office has experience in handling each issue that arises from an automobile, a truck or a motorcycle accident. If you have injuries resulting from a vehicle accident, please contact our Florida law firm online, or call Blaut Weiss at 954.634.1800, to better understand your legal options.

Our office evaluation of fault and coverage includes:
  • Obtaining the police report, photographs of the scene and vehicles
  • Securing witnesses statements
  • Consulting with industry experts, when appropriate
  • Determining vehicle ownership
  • Whether the at-fault driver’s vehicle was being used on behalf of an employer when the accident occurred
  • Insurance coverage liability
  • Road conditions
  • Vehicle condition

In some cases, the available insurance coverage of the at-fault party is not adequate to pay for your damages. An investigation as to whether or not the at-fault driver has excess coverage or umbrella coverage may be necessary.

The evaluation of damages includes:
  • Evaluating all medical records and medical bills
  • Obtaining reports from treating physicians to address future medical needs and future medical expenses
  • Consulting with medical experts, when appropriate
Damages that are normally recoverable in a motor vehicle accident in Florida include:
  • Medical expenses in the past
  • Medical expenses that are reasonably likely in the future
  • Past and future lost income or wages
  • Injury, pain, disability, disfigurement, loss of capacity for the enjoyment of life
  • Aggravation or exacerbation of a physical condition
  • Replacement value of lost personal property
  • Funeral expenses

Some cases present facts that may enable our clients to seek recovery for punitive damages. In rare instances, punitive damages can be awarded by Florida courts when the behavior by the at-fault party is so outrageous that Florida law allows for the award of monetary damages to punish or make an example of intentional misconduct or gross negligence. A case that would include an evaluation for exemplary damages includes an accident caused by a drunk driver.

Please contact our Florida law firm online, or call Blaut Weiss at 954.634.1800, for a free consultation to better understand your legal options.

Frequently health insurance issues cause great concern and confusion when you are involved in a motor vehicle accident. Health insurance carriers will usually seek subrogation when you are entitled to a recovery in a motor vehicle accident, and our office is experienced in negotiation with health insurance carriers to enable you to get a greater share of the ultimate monetary recovery when you are successful in obtaining a recovery in a motor vehicle accident claim.

There are some cases where our clients do not have adequate means to seek medical treatment or get appropriate diagnosis for their injury. In order to receive full compensation for your claim, and for your personal well-being, it is important for you to seek appropriate medical care. In the event our clients need assistance in obtaining appropriate medical treatment, diagnostic studies, prescription medication, physical therapy or other evaluation our office is experienced in addressing our clients’ needs in these situations.

There are important legal deadlines that apply to injury claims in Florida, known as Statute of Limitations. Once the deadline is reached, it may be impossible to obtain recovery for you even in catastrophic injury cases. Many times the responsible the parties responsible for the accident are not apparent and it takes time to discover all of the responsible parties. It is imperative to avoid missing a legal time deadline to protect your claim.

Call 954.634.1800, to schedule a free consultation regarding your motor vehicle accident. The attorneys at Blaut Weiss will address all concerns and questions that you have about your motor vehicle accident claim. We handle automobile, truck and motorcycle accident cases on a contingency basis.

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