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Property Insurance Claims

Hurricane and Property Insurance Claims

Property Insurance Claims

When your home or property has been structurally damaged or destroyed by hurricanes and windstorms, people often assume that their insurance policy will cover the cost to repair or rebuild.

When homes flood due to broken water pipes, which can often cause an infestation of dangerous mold, we hope that our homeowners insurance will cover the repairs and restoration of our home.

When someone is injured on our property by accident, you hope that your insurance company will stand with you and protect your rights against unwarranted claims.

Unfortunately, insurance companies often protect their financial interests by using ambiguous and complex language to confuse or deceive homeowners, deny payments and protection, or prolong payouts.

It is important that you hold your insurance company accountable if you are negatively affected by its business practices.

In Florida, property insurance is supposed to provide coverage for damage to all real or personal property, including a home. If insurance companies do not comply with the law, it is your right to challenge their decision.

The South Florida hurricane and property insurance claims attorneys at Blaut Weiss have extensive litigation experience challenging insurance companies and recovering the financial compensation to which homeowner policyholders are entitled and need. If your claim has been unfairly denied, call Blaut Weiss at 954.634.1800, to help you evaluate your case.

Water or Flood Damage

Because much of South Florida is less than 25 feet above sea level, there is a significant probability of water or flood damage over large areas of Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties. Coupled with possible structural or plumbing issues in a residence, it is imperative to have an insurance policy to protect your home and personal property.

Not only can an insurance company deny coverage from the outset, the manner in which an insurance provider conducts itself during an initial claim can result in future problems. For example, a restoration contractor reviewing your claim could inadequately assess the damage. This can lead to underestimating the damage and a situation where unseen water intrusion could result in mold or other health-related problems.

If you feel that your insurance company is not fairly addressing your property damage concerns, an attorney at Blaut Weiss can objectively evaluate your situation and offer you an accurate assessment of your legal options.

Hurricane Damage Image

Hurricanes are part of living in Florida. Although South Florida has had a lull in activity for the past several years, there is a probability that we will have major storms in future years.

Because insurance companies face enormous payouts to homeowners resulting from windstorm damage, they often attempt to minimize the costly affects of a storm on residential and commercial property.

Deceptively worded contracts have been used by insurance companies to deny claims by asserting that damage was caused by water after a hurricane occurred making the home ineligible for windstorm coverage. This common practice has resulted in many homeowners not being adequately compensated for damage, as well as temporary costs associated with temporary residence, storage and transportation. If your insurance company is withholding payment or not offering a satisfactory amount, Blaut Weiss can help.

Fire Damage Image

Fire can cause major problems, including roof damage, hazardous material release, plumbing or electrical damage and structural damage. Sometimes, insurance companies can under value damages, as well as ask homeowners for a complete inventory and actual cash value of each destroyed item. This can lead to undervaluation and future replacement problems.

The attorneys at Blaut Weiss will represent your interests and help you resolve these insurance issues fairly and effectively.

Roof Claims Image

There are many types of roofs – flat, sloped, bitumen, metal and others – and materials, each having strengths and weaknesses.

Sometimes roofs are improperly installed or contain major structural deficiencies. Underlayment issues, nail down problems, or decking and rafter flaws all contribute to weakened structures and affect longevity and durability.

All of these factors are important when fighting an insurance company over coverage or payment issues. Insurance providers commonly argue against roof claims and make it difficult for you to receive the compensation you deserve.

The homeowner insurance claims attorneys at Blaut Weiss have the resources and expertise to identify the exact reasons for a denial and can provide you with legal representation. If your claim has been unfairly denied, call Blaut Weiss at 954.634.1800, for a no-obligation consultation to help you evaluate your case.

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