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Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys

The elderly are some of the most vulnerable people, making them more likely to suffer injury and/or death when they are victims of neglect or abuse. As people age, they become more physically frail and they are less able to demand better care for themselves. Too often, they may not be able to see or think as clearly as they used to, enabling some unscrupulous or uncaring nursing home and health care workers to disregard their needs. Elderly people who are neglected and/or abused by their care givers while in a nursing home not only deserve better treatment, but representation by an aggressive law firm that will defend their rights.

If you know or suspect a family member or friend is experiencing nursing home neglect, contact our Florida law firm online, or call Blaut Weiss at 954.634.1800, to better understand your legal options.


Nursing home neglect includes:

  • Bad hygiene
  • Bedsores
  • Dehydration
  • Malnutrition
  • Signs of strangulation
  • Injuries with restraint marks
  • Unexplained bone fractures or bruises

Nursing home neglect can result from:

  • Physical abuse, where the primary caregiver, a nurse or an attendant subjects the resident to deliberate harm
  • Sexual assault and inappropriate sexual contact
  • Beatings
  • Starvation
  • Abandonment

Substandard living conditions, including the sanitary conditions of toilets, floors, sinks and bathing areas, are also part of nursing home neglect. Unsanitary conditions can cause infections, particularly when the health care workers are not washing their hands before touching your loved one.

Nursing home neglect includes attendants unnecessarily sedating their patients to keep them quiet and giving the appearance that they do not need as much care. Any sedation that exceeds the requirement set by a prescribing physician is also part of nursing home neglect.

Nursing homes claiming to be skilled nursing facilities have an even greater responsibility to care for their residents. The law firm of Blaut Weiss can help you determine specific instances of medical malpractice, such as careless diagnosis or substandard medical attention.

At times a senior may be threatened into keeping quiet and could become reclusive, disturbed and visibly depressed. Therefore, it is very important to periodically visit your loved one to check on them to determine if they are receiving the care that they are supposed to receive. If you are unable to do so, appointing a trusted health care surrogate to monitor your loved one’s care can also help ensure that they are not being abused.


Persistent nursing home neglect and abuse can lead to physical injury, emotional trauma and in some cases even death. It is important to be aware of the slightest indication that some kind of nursing home abuse may be occurring at the nursing home where your loved one resides.

If you suspect that your loved one is a victim of nursing home neglect or abuse, alert the law enforcement authorities and contact the law firm of Blaut Weiss. Our firm has the resources and experience to independently investigate the nursing home conditions, and help you determine whether you or your loved one has a genuine case of nursing home neglect or abuse. Contact our Florida law firm online, or call Blaut Weiss at 954.634.1800, to better understand your legal options.

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