What took place in Broward County that lead to the return of Uber?

What took place in Broward County that lead to the return of Uber?

Thousands of signatures on a petition, political campaigning, passenger protests, media exposure, and heavy lobbying efforts, helped to bring Uber back to Broward County.

The world of ride-sharing from Uber continues to be incredibly appealing for licensed drivers in the South Florida market and nationwide as this agreement allows drivers can make their own schedule, risk little to no money to begin driving, and get paid weekly.

What you may not know about Uber

While legislation requires Uber to complete a background check on it’s drivers, Uber has stated they have completed background checks from its inception. A major concern for Broward County was to require Uber to make sure that each driver had the necessary insurance. As for insurance verifications, basic coverage is outlined and as an Uber driver, and additional insurance coverage is provided by Uber from the time a driver accepts a pickup until the passenger departs the vehicle. From our law offices of Blaut Weiss in Fort Lauderdale, drivers should understand the Uber insurance guidelines and coverage process as well as the deductible in place should an accident occur.

Uber service in the Broward County area originally stopped July 6, 2015, and returned to service October 15, 2015 after Broward County Commissioners voted 6-2. Shortly following the approved ordinance, Broward County residents who previously downloaded the Uber app, received a pop up message from Uber stating service will be restored shortly.

No matter what public service is performed as a driver, Blaut Weiss Law Group was interested in understanding the 3 key factors Broward County maintained a hold on:

  1. Concern for public safety for the passengers.
  2. How to ensure proper maintenance on each vehicle used for transportation.
  3. Strong monitoring and compliance of required insurance and financial responsibility for each driver.

We estimate that in Broward County, there are approximately 2,000 Uber drivers. The Uber business model is designed to keep the driver and user experience simple so they can scale up quickly in a new market. Taxi-like service drivers are not the only services Uber provides in approved territories across the United States.

You may not know that Uber has drivers in a variety of categories:

Uber: Drive your own car using the Uber Partner app to find riders in your area. Set your own schedule. Get paid weekly.

Taxi, Chauffeur, Limo: Work for a taxi company or as a chauffeur for a limo company.

Bus: Drive for a city, a school, airport or sightseeing company. Heavy Truck: Help move goods around the country by driving long-haul routes.

Delivery Truck: Deliver, pickup and ship items

Courier, Messenger: Carry packages and documents by walking, bicycling, driving, or taking public transit around town.

The end result in the recent ordinance decision allows Broward County the right to “opt-out” of the Uber agreement twice a year. As personal injury attorneys in Fort Lauderdale and throughout South Florida, our main concern is in keeping the public safe and informed. We will stay watchful and keep our viewing audience informed of any future developments.

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