Vacant Home Insurance – Is Your Property Covered or Not?

Vacant Home Insurance – Is Your Property Covered or Not?

The bags are packed and you are set to walk out the door on a well-deserved vacation and the last possible thought that could go through your mind is what if anything would happen to your home while you are gone. Sure, the common belief is that your homeowner’s insurance covers everything whether you are home or away so why waste another second thinking about it. However, there are some important things you should know before leaving on your next vacation.


While the thought of having someone look after your home while you are away can be comforting, making sure that you are covered for any injuries or damages when someone else is in your home is important.

Break-ins and vandalism

Most homeowners’ insurance policies do provide personal contents coverage, based on the deductible, but only up to a certain limit. The same goes with vandalism of your home structure. Be sure to evaluate your coverage to make sure that in the unfortunate event that something does happen you are completely covered.

Vacant Home Insurance

Another important and rarely thought of aspect of homeowners insurance is vacant home insurance. Situations in which you have moved out and there is a lapse in time before the new homeowners buy and move in or rental properties that are unoccupied require special insurance. Two important terms to know are:

  • Vacant – lacks amenities, furnishings or utilities that would permit occupancy as a residence.
  • Unoccupied – not inhabited as a residence.

In Florida, some insurance policies exclude coverage if a property is left “vacant” for 30 days and requires homeowners to purchase a specific vacant home insurance policy. These policies typically cover:

  • Property damage – fire, storms, and lightning.
  • Some policies may cover malicious mischief, vandalism and water damage from plumbing issues.
  • Medical
  • Liability

Before leaving your property for a short vacation or an extended period of time, it is very important to understand exactly what your homeowner’s insurance policy covers. If however, you find yourself in a situation with the insurance company regarding an unfortunate event, you want to make sure that you seek representation from experienced attorneys. The Blaut Weiss Law Group has over 60 years of combined personal injury and property damage experience. Contact them today to schedule a free consultation