Smart Holiday Driving Safety Tips

Smart Holiday Driving Safety Tips

The holiday season is filled with some of the most anticipated nights of the year for parties. Holiday and New Years parties with alcoholic beverages being served take place across the country over the next few weeks. With the celebrations and partying throughout this time of year, come increased alcohol consumption and the dangers associated with these behaviors. The number of impaired drivers on the road dramatically increases, which puts other motorists and pedestrians at an increased risk to become another tragic drunk driving statistic. With the inclement weather and drunk drivers being more prevalent on the road, New Year’s Eve especially can be one of the most dangerous times to be on the road. Here are a few of the top holiday driving safety tips to help keep you and your family safe during the holiday season!

Keep an Eye on the Weather – during the holidays; the weather can be extremely unpredictable. So before hitting the road, be sure to check out the weather.

Designated Driver – even having one drink can impact your reactions and judgment while driving. So if you plan on drinking, even one drink, be sure to have a designated driver.

Avoid Traffic – if you can, avoid driving during the busy times of the day or week. With the combination of weather, drunk drivers and traffic, the roads can be a dangerous place during the holiday season. You cannot control the weather or what other people do, but you can control what time you do your traveling. So plan accordingly to avoid heavy traffic situations to reduce your risk of getting into an auto accident.

Hand Over Your Keys – when you arrive at the party, hand your keys over to whoever is in charge or to your designated driver. This is a great idea to do before you begin drinking because many times people underestimate their level of drunkenness and believe they are sober enough to drive. By removing the temptation of driving altogether, you will keep yourself and others on the road safe. That being said, if you host a party, make sure you collect the keys of those that will be driving as well.

Call for a Ride – if you do not have a designated driver, the best option that you have is to call for a ride. Either call a taxi, Uber or Lyft for a ride home. Even if you live right around the block or down the street, getting behind the wheel of a car while impaired can injure yourself, others and get you in trouble with the law. Or if you have a friend or family member that you could call to pick you up is another option.

Spotting Drunk Drivers – if you are driving (sober, of course) be sure to call the authorities when it is safe to do so to alert them of a drunk driver on the road. By being aware and observant, you can do your part in making the roads safer this holiday season.

Always be a defensive driver and never drive while tired, under the influence of alcohol or in dangerous weather conditions. Being safe and looking out for your friends and family while you are at parties this holiday season can prevent any unfortunate accidents. If you or your loved ones are involved in an auto accident this holiday season, be sure to call the Blaut Weiss Law Group in Plantation, FL. For more information on their experience as vehicle crash attorneys.

Happy Holidays from all of us at the Blaut Weiss Law Group!