Self-Driving Cars and Insurance – What You Need to Know

Self-Driving Cars and Insurance – What You Need to Know

Self-driving cars are no longer a lofty prediction of the future.

Business Insider reports that 10 million self-driving cars will be on the road by 2020. It is clear that the autonomous vehicle is here to stay. What is not clear is what it means for other drivers on the road and insurance policies for all drivers.

Who will assume most of the liability is still largely undecided. Some self-driving cars require minor interaction from a vehicle operator. Others require none.

Policies are designed and still being designed to suit both clients. The vehicle operator and the system operator, depending on who is at fault in the collision, share liability. If it is a system error, the system operator will naturally be the responsible party.

Here is the unfavorable catch- if the majority of insurance policies rule in favor of this trend, auto consumers will probably see a spike in self-driving car prices.

Self-driving cars are proposed to make roads safer. If this is the case, drivers everywhere should see a drop in their insurance premiums, because there is less likelihood of error and collision on the road.

Until laws are more decisive, it is in your best interest to hire a Florida car accident attorney. Blaut Weiss can help you navigate current uncertainties and keep you well-protected on the road.