Nursing Home Abuse Lawsuits and Settlements

Nursing Home Abuse Lawsuits and Settlements

Most victims of elder neglect and/or abuse are already in a fragile state. Their bodies are physically weak and they may not be capable of communicating with family about the abuse or neglect. Families of victims are similarly unavailable, with schedules so busy that they have sought outside, third-party care for their loved ones.

If you consult a nursing home attorney, one of your options will be to take the case to trial. Another option may be to reach a settlement. Instead of going to trial in court, an arbitrator or mediator will try to find a solution and consequential compensation. In nursing home abuse Florida cases, most settlements result in the plaintiff agreeing to accept a sum of money to dismiss the case.

Settlements tend to be the most preferable route to take in elderly abuse cases. Rather than waiting one to three years for a verdict, victims and the families of victims receive a decision and compensation more quickly. There is far less aggravation in a settlement case; and unlike trial decision, a settlement decision is final.

Recently, an 87-year-old endured severe burns after being placed in a bath at an excessive temperature. The idea of going to court and waiting years to redeem justice was an unattractive option. Instead, the case was settled and the resident received $1.5 million for the injuries caused by staff negligence. This is just one example of how settlement cases work.

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