Most Common Personal Injury Claims

Most Common Personal Injury Claims

Have you ever been a victim of a careless accident or intentional act on another person’s behalf? Some people may not know that when these types of situations occur, they are entitled to fair and just compensation for injuries, pain and damages. For individuals that wish to pursue legal actions to claim their compensation, they must hire the services of a personal injury attorney. Personal injury law, or tort law, is the practice of providing legal representation to those individuals who claim to have been injured (physically or psychologically) from the negligence or wrongdoing of another person, company, government or other entity. While there are several types of most common personal injury claims that can be filed, here are three of the most popular ones.

Most Common Personal Injury Claims Are:
Slip and Fall Personal Injury Claims

While the name eludes to slippery surfaces, slip and fall personal injury claims pertain to any situation in which property owners (or renters in some cases) fail to keep the property clean and free of hazards and injuries result. Examples of such situations may include injuries as a result of torn carpeting, worn out flooring, poor lighting, narrow stairways, escalators and many more. Property owners that fail to adhere to their legal duty of keeping their property free from hazards can be held liable and required to pay compensation to the injured individual.

Car Accidents

Car accidents are by far the most common type of personal injury case that is filed each and every year. Accidents on the road often are a result of drivers not following the rules of the road or the driver was being negligent or careless. Most times, the result of these car accident claims is that the driver at fault is held financially responsible. However, Florida and a few other states are “no fault” states, where only in the event of serious injury are the at-fault drivers financially responsible. An experienced personal injury attorney will provide an evaluation of fault and coverage:

  • Obtaining police report and scene photographs
  • Securing witness statements
  • Consulting with industry experts (when appropriate)
  • Determining vehicle ownership
  • Insurance coverage liability
  • Vehicle condition
Medical Malpractice

These types of most common personal injury claims are filed as a result of two aspects happening; doctors or healthcare providers fail to provide competent and reasonably skilled care and the patient is injured as a result of the poor care. Both aspects must be proven for there to be a case and these cases usually tend to be very complex and drawn out because of this. It is important to be represented by an experienced attorney throughout the medical malpractice claims process.

While these are three of the most common personal injury claims, there are several more like defamation, animal attacks and assault and battery. Any time that there is a victim of personal injury (physical or psychological) as a result of carelessness or negligence on the part of another party, there are grounds to file a personal injury claim.

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