Law and Ordinance Coverage May Help Avoid Costly Upgrades

Law and Ordinance Coverage May Help Avoid Costly Upgrades

One very important type of coverage that is often overlooked is Law and Ordinance Coverage.

As a result of the massive amount of property damage and losses that occurred as a result of Hurricane Andrew, many governmental agencies and insurance companies investigated the reasons why the losses were so severe. This investigation led to the conclusion that the building codes needed to be strengthened and made more uniform throughout the State.

As a South Florida Law Group, we have noted new provisions added to the building code requiring higher standards for construction or repair to existing structures in our volatile market. It is important for our law group to understand the changes and enhancements so that we can protect the rights of our clients when claims seem exorbitant and out of control.

Out of pocket expenses can add up

In the years that have followed since Andrew, building codes have changed several times, and probably will continue to change going forward. Accordingly, when changes, repairs or enhancements are made to existing structures, those changes MUST comply with the current building codes. Unfortunately, many insurance policies do not provide payment for updating an older structure to current building codes, unless the person has “Law and Ordinance” coverage.

Law and Ordinance coverage pays for losses caused by the need to upgrade certain portions of a building to conform to building codes, regulations, or ordinances. Building codes can be controlled by the State, County, City, or municipal agencies and are constantly changing. If you do not have Law and Ordinance Coverage, you may be required to come out of pocket to upgrade the portions of the premises that are not up to the current code. Depending on how old the covered premises is, Law and Ordinance coverage may either be very expensive or an option that the insurance company would not be willing to offer.

Make sure and speak with your insurance agent about Law and Ordinance coverage and should damage occur to your property, we would be pleased to discuss your options and individual situation before you settle your claim.

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