Kansas Boy Dies in Water Park Tragedy

Kansas Boy Dies in Water Park Tragedy

Caleb Schwab, 10-year-old son of Olathe Republican Scott Schwab and wife Michele, died on Wednesday, August 7 in a waterslide accident at Schlitterbahn, a well-known water park in Kansas City.

The specific catalysts of Schwab’s death and waterslide malfunctioning are still being investigated.

The Verruckt slide in Kansas City is certified as the world’s tallest water slide by Guinness Book of World Records.

Verruckt means insane in German. It requires persons amassing between 400 and 500 pounds to sit in rafts that drop 17 stories before climbing the second hill and dropping 50 feet. Riders must be at least 54 inches tall.

Two nylon straps harness riders in- one across the lap and one across the chest, like a seatbelt. Unlike seatbelt buckles, these straps are held in place by Velcro.

Early reports of the slide’s functioning showed error, reconstruction, and even airborne time. The problems were reportedly fixed.

Schlitterbahn has been sued three times for negligence. The investigation found that the park has not maintained testing records diligently.

Several waterslide guests have vocalized instances of error, such that safety straps did not work or felt loose. The role of safety straps in Schwab’s death is not yet conclusive.

The Verruckt will be closed the rest of the season.

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