Hurricane safety tips

Hurricane safety tips

The 2017 hurricane season runs from June 1st through November 30th 2017, although storms can occur outside that range; in fact, some of the strongest storm in past years have hit as late as January. This year one forecast calls for 12 named storms, including six hurricanes, two of which are major. Here in South Florida we have not had a major storm hit in more than a decade, although we came close last year. This has lulled too many long-time residents into complacency, while the thousands of people who have moved here in recent years may not understand the need to prepare at the start of the season – because when a storm hits, stores get crowded and supplies disappear.

Resources, from the Department of Homeland Security, has an extensive hurricane prep guide that covers everything from basic preparedness to what to do 36, 18, and 6 hours before a storm hits – after, too. Their FEMA Emergency Supplies List can be found here.

The Red Cross has their own hurricane preparedness page, including pet safety tips and information on where to find shelters.

As you would expect, the National Weather service has a wealth of great information, including what should go in your emergency kit, how to develop an evacuation plan, update your insurance, strengthen your home, and much more.

Overlooked Danger

For the protection of your family and your neighbors, it is very important that any objects that might get tossed about by the wind be cleared from around the outside of your home. This includes flowerpots, hoses, patio furniture, lawn ornaments, etc. – anything that a strong wind might be able to pick up and hurl about, which is most anything, including coconuts. Many people with coconut palms do not realize that they are responsible for any damage caused by their failure to properly clear their trees of coconuts prior to a storm.

As we all witnessed in New Orleans some years back, hurricanes are deadly business and must be taken seriously, even as we enjoy sunny summer skies. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”, after all. Prepare and be safe.

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