How to keep your teenage driver safe on the road

How to keep your teenage driver safe on the road

You may be surprised to hear the following statistic from the National Safety Council on teenage accident levels: “Half of all teens will be involved in a car crash before graduating from high school.”

Alarming to say the least and unfortunately all too true from the case load we deal with as personal injury attorneys in South Florida. We know that 40% of all fatal crashes occur at night and 50% of all crashes at night involve at least one teen driver. Many of these cases involve the failure to wear a seat belt. The new teenage driver is simply an inexperienced driver and through practice, programs and positive support from parents, the chances for a car crash can be significantly reduced.

While parental instruction may seem like a stressful situation, many could say it is compared to a right of passage for the teen to prove they are “road-ready.” From an attorney’s standpoint, your teen driver should also know that a vehicle is a dangerous instrumentality and the driver AND owner is responsible for all damages caused by an accident. In other words, the parent/owner of the vehicle is legally responsible for the damages caused by their teenage child who drives the vehicle.

What programs are in place to help our teen driver?

There are a number of programs designed to assist the newly licensed driver and as personal injury attorneys representing injured innocent parties, we at Blaut Weiss Law Group share a few important ideas to help decrease the risk to our teenagers and keep them safe and protected:

1) Complete a Certified Drivers Ed course:

2) Be sure to educate your new driver regarding vehicle maintenance and what to do in emergency situations. How many teens (or adults) can truthfully say they can change a tire?

3) Purchase AAA or other roadside assistance program.

4) Be sure there is a car cell phone charger in the event of a longer than usual commute.

5) Consider purchasing and storing an electric air pump that plugs into the AC outlet in the car.

6) Check your insurance coverage for sufficient Bodily Injury and Uninsured Motorist coverage. 100/300 limits should be minimum.

7) NEVER drive when intoxicated or under the influence of drugs.

8) NEVER drive while distracted by a cellphone.

9) Visit where you and your teen can read tips and techniques in dealing with road conditions and emergency situations.

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