Common Holiday Shopping Injuries

Common Holiday Shopping Injuries

Some people truly enjoy the chaotic competition of shopping for holiday sales, while many tend to avoid it all costs. Whatever your feelings are towards holiday shopping, most of us will experience it to some extent, and it is important to remember that injuries can and do occur, even more often during the holidays. If you are the victim of an unfortunate shopping accident during this holiday season, it is important for you to realize that you may be entitled to compensation through a personal injury claims process. Although this depends entirely on how and why you were injured, it is always best that you consult with experienced injury lawyers.

Common Shopping Mall Injuries

With the increased number of shoppers hitting the stores in search of the best deals, the likelihood of these common shopping mall injuries occurring increases.

Trampling – everyone has seen the Internet or news station videos of the masses of shoppers storming into stores to get their hands on the best deals of the holiday season. Black Friday is perhaps the most well-known shopping day for this to happen but it can occur on any big day of sales for stores. Always avoid these situations, and you will not have to worry about getting trampled.

Criminal Activity – muggers, pick-pockets, and shoplifters look to target shoppers during the busy holiday shopping seasons because many are carrying cash to shop with or items they just purchased. These incidents tend to take place in parking lots, restrooms and other areas that are out of the public view.

Falling Items – due to the increase of shoppers and demand, items from shelves are more likely to fall either from poor stocking procedures or failure to put items back correctly. Many store employees become too busy and are unable to help each and every customer with getting items either that are too heavy or too high to reach.

Slipping and Falling – these injuries are perhaps the most common to occur during the holiday shopping season. In Florida, the weather can turn stormy in the blink of an eye, visitors track water into the stores, which cause very slippery surfaces. Unsecured electrical cords, bunched up entrance rugs and wet bathroom floors can all be hazardous situations in which store visitors can also become injured.

Parking Lots – poor lighting, worn street markings and an increase in the number of pedestrians walking to their cars, slippery roads and just being in a hurry/carelessness are all reasons for parking lot injuries.

If you fall victim to an unfortunate accident while shopping this holiday season, it is very important for you to know when and if the store or property is liable. Shopping malls and stores are ultimately responsible for the safety of their shoppers, and if there is any negligence or failure to provide a safe environment as part of their legal duty, you as a victim are entitled to file injury claims against the retail store, the mall or both.

The personal injury claims process is complicated, and it is imperative to know your rights and what the store is liable for in the event of an injury. It is best to consult an experienced law group that has a proven track record of providing victims of such accidents with fair and just compensation for their injuries. The Blaut Weiss Law Group has over 60 years of personal injury and trial experience and provides the residents of South Florida with the very best service for their claims. Contact us for a free consultation at 954.634.1800.

Have a safe and happy holidays from all of us at the Blaut Weiss Law Group!