Can you recover money from car repairs incurred as a result of poor road conditions?

Can you recover money from car repairs incurred as a result of poor road conditions?

We all know that with our South Florida weather comes rain and the development of road hazards. Wet roads can create potholes, hydroplaning and unfortunately, accidents. If you believe that a road hazard caused a car accident, you may ask, why are you the one at fault?

Recently, our personal injury law office in Plantation, received a call from a frustrated licensed driver asking why the Department of Transportation never seems to get in trouble when hazardous potholes and ill-configured road construction is to blame for a motorist’s accident.

Good question. In fact, there have been thousands of cases brought before a judge addressing this exact situation. However, you should know that governmental entities enjoy certain immunities from the civil liability. As a result, many potential claims against such governmental entities must be analyzed by an experienced personal injury attorney to determine whether or not the claim will be viable.

One of the challenges for any personal injury attorney in South Florida is in collecting evidence proving that there was in fact, improper road care and lack of maintenance.

While each case is unique and our law offices of Blaut Weiss, the research involved for each client in these cases is quite challenging.

Car manufactures have made improvements

Preventing car accidents and improving safety and maneuverability for all drives has been a top goal of car manufactures for decades. The development of crash avoidance technologies such as; electronic stability control (ESC) systems, anti-lock brakes, adaptive cruise control, light sensitive headlights, and the introduction of side-air bags, have helped reduce some risk. We all know, there have also been recent reports of malfunctions with many of these very same safety designs.

Our team of personal injury attorneys in South Florida are here to right for the rights of all motorists whether at the wheel or as a passenger. Should you feel the cause of your accident was not within your control, please call our office and allow us the opportunity to personally evaluate your situation.

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