19% Fewer Medical Errors After Team Training

19% Fewer Medical Errors After Team Training

A recent study shows that medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the United States. Medical Malpractice causes more than 250,000 deaths each year, trailing only heart disease and cancer.

However, medical error is not statistically counted as a cause of death, so its large number goes unacknowledged by the public. To make matters worse, Medical Malpractice does not qualify for government funding that could help lessen the effects of preventable medical errors.

Why is Medical Malpractice not considered a cause of death? The reason is because in 1949, a medical coding system was created to keep track of causes for death. At this time, medicine was just evolving into the well-organized, consistent system it is today. The idea of medical malpractice was not yet largely considered. The practice of medicine had not evolved at that time.

When most of us hear the words medical and error, we assign the image of a doctor to the phrase. In some instances that is the case, however, problems stretch much deeper into the medical system. Poor organization, insurance difficulty and protocol neglect compete for the leading catalysts of malpractice.

One startling improvement has come from better educating employees and staff through training programs. Employee training has shown to have a significant, positive effect on medical error, lowering the mortality outcome by 15 percent.

Team training, specifically, fosters a group mentality and skill set that are better equipped to handle common mistakes and unexpected challenges. Communication and cooperation both go a long way in better serving the patient and increasing the efficiency of the system that usually goes unnoticed.

A team that is trained together has more knowledge about situations and best practices, more trust in one another in the work setting and more momentum to find and implement the best solution in any given scenario.

Lawyers for medical malpractice are your most reliable source of information when it comes to medical error. Because malpractice is not currently regarded as a cause of death, literature on the legality of relevant situations is limited. You can trust that your lawyer is better researched and read on the topic than any other professional.

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