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A Practice Devoted To Representing Victims In Accident, Injury and Insurance Dispute Cases

Personal Injury AttorneyPer­son­al injury attor­neys Mil­ton Blaut and Michael Weiss of Blaut Weiss, PA, in Plan­ta­tion, FL, have more than 60 years of com­bined per­son­al injury law expe­ri­ence and tri­al prac­tice. The Blaut Weiss Law Group is exclu­sive­ly devot­ed to rep­re­sent­ing vic­tims in acci­dent, injury and insur­ance dis­pute cas­es.

To us, every per­son­al injury client is unique and every case is dif­fer­ent. At Blaut Weiss, we are per­son­al­ly involved with every client and every case from the out­set. Our per­son­al injury clients meet and com­mu­ni­cate direct­ly with the tri­al attor­ney and staff who are han­dling their case, includ­ing hav­ing their cell phone num­bers, direct-dial num­bers and email address­es.

Our goal is to advise and provide our per­son­al injury clients with expe­ri­enced, thor­ough and dili­gent rep­re­sen­ta­tion.


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